Container Side Loader Trailer Technical Properties:

  • What is Sideloader?: Allows loading and unloading of containers without the need for a crane

Container Side loader Semi Trailer Capacity:

  • 27.500 Kg (For 2 Axle)
  • 35.500 Kg (For 3 Axle)
  • 43.500 Kg (For 4 Axle)
  • (Maximum laden weight)
  • ​Side Loader Semi-Trailer, Dizayn Capacity: 50 ton. Used Capacity is 40 ton max. Loads: 2X20 Feet, 1X30 Feet, 1X 40 Feet

Semi-trailer Sidelifter Types:

-2 Axle Sidelifter Semi Trailer (For 2x20-30-40 Feet)

-3 Axle Sideloader Semi Trailer (For 2x20-30-40 Feet)

-4 Axle Side Loader Semi Trailer (For 2x20-30-40 Feet)

Weight (Empty)

  • 7.500 Kg - 13.000 Kg

Axle Unit:

  • 12 tons (Turkish brand) or 9 tons 

Tire Unit And Dimension:

  • ( 2 Axle) 4 piece 385/65 R 22,5 or 8 piece 12R22,5
  • ( 3 Axle) 6 piece 385/65 R 22,5 or 12 piece 12R22,5
  • ( 4 Axle) 8 piece 385/65 R 22,5 or 16 piece 12R22,

Axle ​Brake:

  • Brakes system is used according to the standards EEC 97/12, double-circuit pneumatic, EBS, WABCO is brand

Side lifter Container Trailer Side loader Cranes and Locks:

  • Crane: 2X 25 ton Load capacity. Remote or Manuel Control. Locks, the container to be moved is determined by the number and size. Total 8 pcs

Sidelifter Container Trailer Powertrain:

  • Standard: take the power from the tractor power take-off system. Option: Diesel Engines or attractive power from the battery is supplied with electric power supply systems


  • All Tender (plastic), water tank, bump stop rubber. Plastic tool cabinet and eat box, manometre (suspension boot barometric pressure shall).

Container Side Loader Trailer Dimensions:

Total Chassis Length:

  • For max 40 Feet is 13800 mm

Chassis Width:

  • 2480 mm - 2550 mm. (with crane)

Electric Installation:

  • Sidelifter Container Trailer the used Installation materials conform to the EEC 24 Certified 

Lifting Foot:

  • OMS or GOS brand 2x24 tones two cyclet lacklift system.


  • The desired color of Acrylic paint is used as top coat over two layered epoxy.

King Pin:

  • 2"or 3,5" flanged bolts, resistant to high degrees of tension brakes, produced from forged steel. Easy to change thanks to screw connections. E Certified.