Low Loader Semi Trailer Technical Properties:

Low Loader Capacity:

  • 55.000 Kg - (16 tire applications for "Tandem semi low loader trailer" capacity: 100,000 Kg "max")


  •  4 axle Semi Low Loader (Pool or Flat platform semi low bed


  • 12.500 Kg - 18.000 Kg

Axle Unit:

  • 4 Units (For tires 16 Semi Low Loader is 2x2 group tandem suspension gooseneck semi low loader trailer
  • (Options: self-steering & hydraulic steering axles groups)

Tire Unit And Dimension:

  • It is produce according to capacity or design. 235/75 R 17,5", 295/60 R 22.5" or 12 R 22.5"

Semi Low loader, Step Frame Trailer Chassis:

  • Semi Low Loader has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as "I" crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage.


  • It is according 17.5 rim and 4x12 tons, It is according 22.5 rims and 4x14 capacity is air suspansion and it is according 22.5 rim, 2x2x14 tons or 16 tons capacity tandem is suspansion.
  • (Option: Hydraulic suspension semi low loader trailer. This option is taken with hydraulic steering axles)


4 Axle Semi Low-Loader Dimensions:


Platform Lenght:

  • 9000 mm - 11500 mm it depends on customer varies depending on intended usage.
    Pool semi low loader is 5000 mm between 6500 mm (Pool Lenght).
  • (Option: Extension 4500 mm - 8000 mm "for platform type semi low loader")

Total Lenght:

  • 13000 mm - 16000 mm varies according to demand


  • Air suspansion as 2500 mm with 3300 mm varies according to demand. If it is 16 tandem group minumum 3000 mm* between 4500 mm alterable. (* This measuring rim by 17,5 can be achieved.)

Platform Height:

  • Varies according to demand, Pool height 500 mm with 1000 mm, Platform type height 920 mm is between 1050 mm (Max)

Electric Installation:

  • The used Installation materials conform to the EEC 24 Certified European norms.

Loading Ramps:

  • Standart pneumatic or hydraulic system with is optionel, pneumatic ramp NPI 220 base material. To produce very strong ramps are like as alway, 1 year or 2 years later, it isnt necessary. So you can lets work, Hydraulic ramps will be make 2500 mm + 1500 mm = 4000mm , Ramp specially designed is strong. "Gürleşenyıl Treyler" quality with Trust