Lpg Semi Trailer Technical Properties:

Lpg Trailer Capacity:

"2 Axle Lpg Semi Trailer" (for 40 m³ or 60 m³) 

"3 Axle Lpg Semi Trailer" (for 45 m³ or 70 m³) 

4 Axle Lpg Semi Trailer" (for 50 m³ or 75 m³) 

For special dimensions LPG Semi trailer sales (2-5) Axle for 40 m³ to 75 m³


Truck Mounted Lpg Bobtail Option: LPG Skid tanks Lpg Trailer 

 Weight (Empty): 8.500 Kg - 16.000 Kg Axle Unit: 8-12-14-16 tons (Turkish brand) 

Tire Unit And Dimension: Single or Duble; 385/65 R 22,5 / 12 R 22,5

Lpg Trailer Chassis: Lpg Semi Trailer has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as "I" crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage. Material quality standard is ST 52. Lpg Trailer Chassis is suitable for ADR (for tank).

Lpg Semi Trailer Tank Material: Minimum body material 10 mm P355GH (6352 quality) and for closures 12-14-16 mm P355GH (6352 quality)
Brake: Brakes system is used according to the standards EEC 97/12, double-circuit pneumatic