Cement Bulk Silo Trailer Technical Properties:

Cement Bulk Trailer Capacity:

  •  2 Axle 27500 Kg(Maximum laden weight)
  •  3 Axle 35500 Kg(Maximum laden weight)
  •  4 Axle 43500 Kg(Maximum laden weight)


  •  2 Axle Cement Trailer (V Type)
  •  3 Axle Cement Trailer (V Type)
  •  4 Axle Cement Trailer (V Type)
  • Option: VACUUM Cement Semi-Trailer

Weight (Empty):

  • 6.500 Kg - 8.700 Kg

Axle Unit:

  • 12 ton (Turkish brand) - 2 x 9 ton 

Tire Unit And Dimension:

  •  2 Axle, 4 Unit 385/65 R 22,5" or 8 Unit 12R22,5
  •  3 Axle, 6 Unit 385/65 R 22,5" or 12 Unit 12R22,5
  •  4 Axle, 8 Unit 385/65 R 22,5"


  • Cement Trailer (or vacuum cement trailer euro) has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as "I" crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage.

Tank Metarial:

  • Cement Trailer is produced from standard 4 mm "Ereğli". It depends on (light) 3mm MC 700 (flexible and strong) it can produced. Vacuum Cement Semi-Trailer (suction and compression) vacuum cement trailer iron diameter is the 5 mm.


  • Brakes system is used according to the standards EEC 97/12, double-circuit pneumatic, EBS, WABCO is brand

Compressor and Drive System:

  • Cement Trailer Compressor is 2 head or 3 head, brand is Bekomsan or Genckomp (Standart 3 head). Cement Trailer Compressor is system electirical (380 Volt AC) or Diesel engine (revision). Vacuum cement trailer compressor is  Turkish. Brand 

Manhole Covers and Filling:

  • According to capacity 2 or 3 units manhole covers ( top discharge and for filling). Vacuum (suction and comression) for version 3 inc or 4 inc is dimension. Filter with piping (compressor pressure) it make.


  • All Tender (plastic), water tank, bump stop rubber. Plastic tool cabinet and eat box, manometre (suspension boot barometric pressure shall).

V Type Cement Bulker Silo Trailer Dimensions:


Total Length:

  • 8000 mm - 12000 mm

Silo Cement Trailer Capacity (Volume):

  • 22 m3- 25 m3-(28 m3- 30 m3- 32m3- 35m3)* -40 m3- 45 m3- 50m3
  • (*General Volume)


  • 2550 mm.

Total Height:

  • 3500 mm - 4000 mm

Electric Installation:

  • The used Installation materials conform to the EEC 24 Certified European norms.

Lifting Foot:

  • OMS or GOS brand 2x24 tones two cyclet lacklift system.


  • The desired color of Acrylic paint is used as top coat over two layered epoxy.

King Pin:

  • 2" or 3,5" flanged bolts, resistant to high degrees of tension brakes, produced from forged steel. Easy to change thanks to screw connections. E Certified.